Pill Hill – Bryan Dull5 stars

I’m going to start this review off by saying this: I received an unedited copy of this book to beta. Within a week of getting the story, life happened. Very unexpected things that had to come first and unfortunately I could no longer beta. I couldn’t get back to this book until just a little bit ago, although I tried many times to start and finish it.


That being said, I have read books that are poorly edited. So reading an unedited book I thought would be challenging. NOT THIS BOOK. I couldn’t put it down once I got through the first chapter (that is where I kept stopping when I’d get back to it).

Mason is a young man who agrees to partake in an experiment at a once closed down mental facility. Nobody in the group is afflicted with the same thing, but in a way, they are all some what alike. At least that’s what I got. I don’t want to go much more into it than that as I feel that you need to experience this story yourself.

The story was a roller coaster ride of emotions that caught me up at every turn. The qualities of the characters are almost hard to not relate to, even though they’re all patients in a mental facility.

The writing was superb, the characters were¬†built up very well and the story flowed flawlessly. It was so good that I can’t even wait to read the short story Mr. Dull wrote based off of one of the characters in the book.

I give this book 5 stars and cannot wait to read what Bryan Dull writes next.

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